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Get the dates for all of the International rn and classic Road Races I'll be at, plus No Limits Racing rounds for this year all included. Follow my schedule and come on down to my next competition.

Diego Mola_DM_1739.jpg

North West 200

12th May 2022 - 14th May 2022

Isle of Man TT

29th May 2022 - 10th June 2022

The TT Course is world famous. It is the last of the great challenges in motorsport and is the ultimate test of both man and machine.

Diego Mola_DM_7539.jpg
Diego Mola_DM_3350.jpg

CAIN Road Race - Mexico

November 2022

Concordia, Sinaloa - the Mexico Cain Road Race attracts 150 entries. 47 miles or 74km down the devil's backbone.

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